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My main aim is to create emotive works with the suggestion of a hidden narrative.


My working method involves experimenting with collage, colour, pattern, myths and symbolism. My approach is very instinctive being primarily concerned with the process of construction and deconstruction of paint through a series of textured layers using shellac knotting, emulsion paints and oil paints.

Throughout these layers characters will both appear and disappear until the painting slowly evolves, and I decide upon what the final narrative will be. Characters stand in isolated melancholy like film stills. They evolve, alter, and sometimes disappear as I attempt to tell their story. I enjoy this process as it gives me the freedom to tell a story (or to disguise one). There is the suggestion of an event happening just out of sight of the viewer. A scene or situation which is evolving or has just passed.


Recently, I have started to experiment with painting collage mock ups of ideas rather than attaching these directly onto the canvas. Mood, colour and texture are integral to each piece, but I hope that the viewer looks beneath the surface detail to make their own interpretation or conclusions about the artwork.


© 2017 Nicola Galloway 


All rights reserved

Unit 7A

 Albion Business Centre

78 Albion Road,

Edinburgh EH7 5QZ

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