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I was born in 1972 and grew up in Girvan, Ayrshire where I was taught by the landscape artist James Harrigan who was my mentor and Art teacher at secondary school. He strongly encouraged me to consider art as a career and it's thanks to him that I developed my passion for art.  


From 1990-1994 I studied painting at Gray's School of Art. During the following year I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in painting at the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba, Paphos. I returned to Gray's School of Art in 1996-1997 to do a Masters Degree.  


In 2005 As a result of winning the Peacock Visual Arts Edition Prize at the Aberdeen Artists Society, I was very privileged to work alongside the late Jonathan Jones at Peacock Visual Arts. Jonathan was a huge support at that time and his work still inspires me to this day.


​Between 2006-2011 I moved abroad to teach in the Middle East, living in both Cairo and Dubai. I particularly wanted to visit Egypt because of the ethnic style and appearance of my work. I returned to Scotland in 2011 and I've had a studio with WASPS at Albion Road in Edinburgh since 2016.​ ​​  


© 2017 Nicola Galloway 


All rights reserved

Unit 7A

 Albion Business Centre

78 Albion Road,

Edinburgh EH7 5QZ

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