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My paintings essentially reflect a story in transition. Each painting goes through many transitional layers before arriving at a final conclusion. This is an integral part of my working method which directs not just the surface changes and patterns, but often the narrative and final outcome of each piece.

Each painting begins with a rough idea or story, memories or fragments of things that I like or inspire me. I then form a narrative as the work slowly progresses. This is often heavily influenced by my interest in Ancient Egypt and mythologies from the ancient world.


Final works usually consist of an assortment of contemplative characters who appear to inhabit an anonymous and semi-abstract landscape. There is a sense of purpose to the characters. Yet each appears lost in thought or isolated in a form of static limbo like film stills.


For me, each character is involved in a paused moment of a physical journey. As viewers we are interrupting a specific moment of that journey.


Unit 7A

 Albion Business Centre

78 Albion Road,

Edinburgh EH7 5QZ

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